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Local Champion을 넘어 Global Champion으로 도약!
한화 NxMD의 인재상, ‘Great Challenger’로 새롭게 출발합니다

Great Challenger

더 나은 미래로 내일을 바꾸는
기존의 룰을 뒤집고 대담한 목표를 세우는
익숙한 방식을 바꾸고 혁신적 결과를 만드는 사람들


모두의 미래를 향한 시대적 사명감
우리는 더 나은 내일을 만든다는 시대적 사명감을 공유합니다.
우리와 다음 세대를 위해 ‘기후위기에 대응하는 솔루션’을 만드는 일에 진심을 다합니다.


압도적 1등에 대한 집요함
우리는 각자 불굴의 창업자 정신으로 무장합니다.
멈추지 않는 끈기와 집요함으로, 업계 1위에 머무르지 않고 모든 시대에서 대체 불가능한 선두가 됩니다.


책임있게 몰입하는 주인의식
우리는 사업 성과와 보상을 항상 장기적 관점에서 생각합니다.
일의 온전한 주인으로서 책임감 있게 결정하고,
경쟁자보다 더 빠르게 움직이기 위해 미루지 않고 신속하게 행동합니다.
  • 멀리 보는 사람은 흔들리지 않고 흐름을 읽습니다.
  • 온전히 나의 것으로 생각하고 결정합니다.
  • 아이디어는 실행하는 사람이 주인입니다.
기존 틀을 넘어선 월등한 차별성
우리는 업계의 상식을 뒤엎는 대담한 목표를 가집니다.
그 한 가지 핵심에 집중하고, 디테일로 차별성을 만들며,
한발 앞선 결과를 지속적으로 만들어 냅니다.
  • 완벽히 새로운 것은 완벽히 파괴하는 데서 시작합니다.
  • 좋은 여러 가지보다 한 가지의 위대함에 몰입합니다.
  • 신은 디테일에 있고 영광은 꾸준함에 있습니다.
미래 기회를 선점하는 변화 수용성
우리는 시시각각 변화하는 시장에서 과거의 성과에 자만하지도
안주하지도 않습니다. 냉혹한 현실을 직시하고 미래를 선제적으로
대비하여 새로운 기회를 만들어냅니다.
  • 성공에 취해 있지 않고 겸손으로 깨어 있습니다.
  • 위기의식이 없는 토끼는 거북이에게 완패합니다.
  • 변화에 예보는 없습니다. 맑은 날에도 우산을 준비합니다.

Our People

“Those who fit the core values of Hanwha and practice the corresponding principles of conduct”


Pursue excellence through
change and innovation by
constantly challenging
the status quo.


Value relationships with the
company, clients, and colleagues and
commit to achieve the greater goal.


Take pride in sticking to
principles and be fair and
impartial in your actions.



Engage in active self-development
to become the best in your field.

  • Set short-, mid-, and long-term goals for self-development. Actively seek opportunities and ways to achieve them.
  • Keep an eye on changes in the trends related to your dream job and subsidiary.
  • Accumulate basic knowledge and experience to build expertise related to your dream job. Reach out to mentors in the related field for advice.

Find opportunities and new ways
of doing things through open-mindedness and creative thinking.

  • Break out of the box and keep trying new things to broaden your mind.
  • Critically examine your current situation and efforts and try to identify opportunities for improvement and find solutions to address them.
  • Break free from prejudice and stereotypes. Listen to the diverse opinions of those around you with an open mind.

Set challenging goals and work towards achieving them
with a can-do spirit.

  • Develop an understanding for your organization’s enterprising goals and align your personal goals with them.
  • Be specific in your action plan for achieving the goals and implement it accordingly.
  • Even in failure, prepare for a better result in the future based on lessons learned.



Put "us” before "me" and "our goal" before "my goal".

  • Identify organizational development with your own and align your goal with your organization’s.
  • Once the goal is set, do the best in your potential and capacity to achieve it.
  • Put the achievement of the collective aim before personal gain, when collaborating with other people or teams.

Treasure the promise with customers and continue to create customer value.

  • Make team-level decisions and decide your actions according to customer needs.
  • Keep monitoring and providing feedback on customer reaction to draw improvement measures and incorporate them into your project.
  • Always think about ways to touch the hearts of customers and develop best practices in doing so.

Trust in each other’s abilities and collaborate based on strong sense of unity.

  • Convey your know-how for your colleagues’ as well as your own development.
  • When asked for help for a certain mission, help out actively so long as you have room in your ability to do so.
  • When colleagues are faced with difficulties in fulfilling missions, approach them first and share their troubles.



Do not be swayed by immediate gains. Be honest and stick to the principles.

  • Do not try to impress but inform about facts as they are, when carrying out missions.
  • Monitor whether the integrity of your actions has been undermined and take corrective measures when issues are found.
  • Make decisions for your missions taking both short- and long-term consequences into account.

Do not mix business with pleasure. Be impartial and treat others based on their performance and achievements.

  • Do not distort but acknowledge your colleagues’ performance and capabilities.
  • Take advices and feedback from others in an objective manner and devise and implement your own improvement measures.
  • Set aside personal relationship to objectively identify colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses and reflect them in accomplishing your missions to contribute to tangible gains of your organization.